We provide a Single Window for a compliant and faster movement across borders

Join the TrustedTrader platform to gain immediate access to a 'trusted trader' accreditation program and a 'trusted trader' status on a provisional basis..

A 'trusted trader' is any organisation who would like to operate at an AEO level or other international equivalent in order to benefit from a quicker and more efficient path through customs and border controls.

The 'trusted trader' status will demonstrate that the registered organisation meets pre-defined standards in customs related activities.

Through the use of the TrustedTrader platform, registered organisations will be able to demonstrate that their operational controls, standards and procedures are at the appropriate level as outlined and in compliance with the 'trusted trader' framework within this platform.

Now that the UK has exited the European Union it is ever more important to have access to such features. A 90 day grace period has been introduced to help ease cross border movement however, once it has ended goods may become subject to tariffs when crossing into Northern Ireland.

Key benefits of the TrustedTrader platform:

  • Since 1st January 2021 Physical2Digital (P2D), TrustedTrader’s digital logistics partner, has been successfully managing the delivery of all food products for a major UK retailer from its distribution centres to locations in Northern Ireland; including the provision of all certification reporting.
  • This capability can be accessed by all traders and carriers of all goods through the TrustedTrader platform and implemented quickly alongside any existing IT infrastructure to provide lower cost compliance and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Access to AEO C/S/++ level accreditation support with immediate recognition of being an operator who is operating at, or working towards an accredited level. Associated benefits will be immediately available, as approved by the various customs organisations around the globe.
  • Effectively, you have access to a global superhighway for accredited and accrediting organisations that is recognised by Governments and customs border authorities on an international scale.
  • Now that the UK has left the EU, we are working with HMRC and a selected group of global partners to develop and approve a UK based AEO / 'trusted trader' program and the associated benefits.
  • By registering now, you will benefit from the ability to develop and accredit to existing internationally accredited standards at speed and gain immediate benefits when moving through customs borders, as they are approved.
  • AEO C/S Accreditation:

    Creation of an AEO superhighway that allows you to become an accredited organisation operating at a best practice level with a full framework to support rapid onboarding, efficient and optimised operator accreditation through the TrustedTrader platform that is globally recognised to implement and manage operations at a AEO C/S/++ level.

  • Application of Innovative Technology Solutions:

    The implementation of our innovative applications' services, that are currently in operation, will enable you to have a fully compliant movement through a border where you can pre-notify the relevant authorities of the full inventory manifest of what you are moving and when you will be moving it through the border. It’s full end-to-end provenance with full visualisation, including proof of final destination.

  • Operational Monitoring Services:

    Our platform can perform real-time operational monitoring and provide compliance reporting on AEO and equivalent operational standards and practices with risk reporting on non-compliance and other problematic areas.

  • Track and Trace:

    Full inventory and load track and trace capabilities including attachment of all regulatory declarations including SPS attached to goods physically and digitally at point of load, with forward notification to the required authorities and government departments. This includes proof of final destination to ensure goods are not at risk from a customs perspective.

  • SPS, Traces and full Provenance of Goods:

    Our platform is globally recognised and enables the full provenance of goods to be traced through the entire end-to-end supply chain. For example, a finished manufactured product or item of food can be completely traced back to origin, such as a composite food product traced back to animal or dairy products at the abattoir and farm..

  • Global Market:

    Access to fast track development of operational process and procedures relating to import/export of goods across borders with recognition from Government and Government departments.

  • Partners:

    Our operating partner, Physical2Digital (P2D) is currently working to facilitate the compliant movement of goods across borders with full supply chain visibility. We are in the final stages of establishing similar agreements with 3 other key partners to deliver the full suite of TrustedTrader digital services. To find out more please click here.

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New SPS Regulations effective
01 January 2021.

As the UK has left the EU, increased import/export regulations will create more friction in trade between Britain, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the EU.

The Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) regulations that the EU has put in place will result in extra administration for UK exports into Europe and Northern Ireland.

This will place a responsibility on all members to provide the data required to create full SPS declarations.

Who are P2D?

Physical2Digital (P2D) are an innovative software house that specialises in logistics and supply chain software services. We enable secure movement of goods through domestic and international trade routes, full visibility of movement and security attached to a digital platform with all TRACES data and customs paperwork for SPS goods with digital certificates uploaded to Government systems in advance of shipment.

Our systems support full manufacturing, retail and distribution site operational, safety and security monitoring and control capabilities, with real time risk, compliance and exception reporting.

We are the first provider to offer real time AEOS status monitoring, control and report services attached to a digital platform that can be accessed by organisations which are planning to get AEOS accredited status. Providing AEOS compliance reporting in real time to Government authorities and accountable departments.

We can provide full data capture and presentation capabilities including control tower services through our end to end data platforms and secure cloud services. Including the provision of digital footprints and operational digital twins, for planning and optimisation through use of AI and advanced ML based analysis.

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